#Sick Stickz Warranty Policy:
While Sick Stickz strives to produce ski poles with strong components and shafts, no ski poles are invincible/unbreakable. Positioned as a freeskiing brand, it is assumed by Sick Stickz that the users of its ski poles will be skiing technical freeski terrain. Along with technical freeski terrain comes an inherent skier risk. Due to this inherent risk, Sick Stickz does not cover broken shafts due to user error. If a skier snaps a ski pole during a fall or snaps a ski pole getting off of the lift, Sick Stickz does not cover that as it was not related to the product malfunctioning in any way. Sick Stickz does offer a limited 2 year warranty on ski pole shafts. This limited warranty covers if the shaft splits vertically (grip to tip). In addition to a limited warranty on shafts, Sick Stickz offers a lifetime warranty on straps, grips, baskets, basket plugs, and tips.

Warranty Procedures:

If you have a ski pole or pair of ski poles in question for warranty, please email Sick Stickz at info@sickstickz.com. All ski poles in question of warranty must be sent back to Sick Stickz for review.

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