Sick Stickz Blog

May 29, 2013

Last week, we asked our customers why they loved Sick Stickz. We got some very thoughtful and amazing responses from everyone.

Some of our favorites were:

“The Colorado scheme and I love to support small Colorado-owned business.”

“They make me a better skier than all of you!”

“Small Business, Quality product with Fun color schemes”

And the most thoughtful response,

“Sick Stickz are the most solid poles I have ever used, they feel light yet there so strong they can hold all my body weight, The grip is form fitting and sticky yet small enough to do grabs. The graphics are classy and modern and they make a great sword, I have broken 2 of my friends poles thinking they could battle the might of a Sick Stick. Thats why I keep coming back for more every time.”

Because of the great responses, we’ve decided to do something special for all of you, our loyal fans. But, you’ll have to check in a few days later to see exactly what, but we’re sure you’ll like it…

-Sick Stickz

P.O. Box #101021
Denver, CO 80250