September 23, 2013

The Sickstickz lineup for the 2013/2014 ski season is here! The lineup consists of the JaPow, Totem, Colorado, Big Tex, Southwest, and NZ ski poles. Powder, park, and all mountain. We’ve got you covered.

JaPow: The Sick Stickz JaPow Ski Pole is the perfect ski pole for skiers that need a high quality pole in the land of the rising sun, waiting in line for first chair on a powder day.  Features include the lightweight and durable 18mm 5083 aluminum shaft, comfortable 4 knuckle freestyle grips which are perfect for skiing the entire mountain and getting grabs, wide powder baskets for when it gets deep, and an easily adjustable nylon strap, so you can slash all day like a samurai. The graphics were inspired by traditional Japanese Kabuki mask designs and the Japanese flag, with rising sun accents. The name comes from the famous snow conditions popping up in every ski movie these days, JAPOW!!! Go battle some powder with the Sick Stickz JaPow Ski Pole!

Totem:  The Sick Stickz Totem Ski Pole is the perfect choice for skiers who are looking for a high quality pole that they can use on the whole mountain.  It is extremely lightweight and strong and features a 7075 aluminum shaft.  It has a large powder basket which is great for the powder days, as well as a comfortable 4 knuckle free-ski grip, and an easily adjustable nylon strap.  The graphics on this pole were inspired by designs commonly found among various Native American tribes in the northwest, hence the name, The Totem Pole. Just like their wooden predecessors, these are strong and sturdy, simple as that.

Colorado: The Sick Stickz Colorado Ski Pole is the ideal ski pole for Colorado natives that need a high quality all mountain pole. Just like all natives, this pole is prepared for powder days. It features a lightweight yet strong 7075 aluminum shaft, a comfortable 4 knuckle free-ski grip, large powder baskets, and an easily adjustable nylon strap. The graphics on this pole are pure Colorado, highlighted with accents from the Colorado flag that stand out against the Rocky Mountain backdrop. These poles were born in the Rockies, and they will play in the Rockies.

Big Tex: The Sick Stickz Big Tex Ski Pole is the perfect ski pole for Texan skiers looking for a high quality all mountain pole. Features include a strong and lightweight 5083 aluminum shaft, a comfortable 4 knuckle free-ski grip, and an adjustable nylon strap, so you can hold onto our Texan pride. Graphics for this pole are inspired by everything Texas, it is big and loaded with more Texan inspiration than you can shake a stick at. It pulls accents from the Texas flag, has six shooters, and is red, white, and blue. Show your Texas pride with the Sick Stickz Big Tex Ski Pole!

Southwest: The Sick Stickz Southwest Ski Pole is the ideal ski pole for skiers looking for a high quality all mountain pole. Features include a lightweight and durable 5083 aluminum shaft, a comfortable four knuckle free-ski grip, and an adjustable nylon strap. This pole hails from the badlands. It has rattlesnake skin art, accents from Native American artwork, and the always quintessential bull skull head badge. The artwork and pastel color scheme would be right at home in the Southwest. The Sick Stickz Southwest Ski Pole will survive the abuse of a badlands skier, just like they survive the desert heat.

NZ: The Sick Stickz NZ Ski Pole is the perfect choice for skiers looking for a high quality all mountain pole. Features include a high quality, lightweight, and durable 5083 aluminum shaft, a comfortable four knuckle free-ski grip, and an adjustable nylon strap. This pole was designed with Sick Stickz friends down under in mind. The graphics are a mix of Maori art and designs, as well as tattoos. The Sick Stickz badge is a Maori mask, with its tongue out, telling you to go get rad with the Sick Stickz NZ Ski Pole!


July 10, 2013

Sick Stickz is looking for a few more athletes to add to our already stacked team. All of those ‘sponsor me’ edits that you’ve made, send them to us. We’ll take a look, and if we like what we see, we may offer you a spot on the team. We want you to show us, and tell us, why you would be a good addition to the Sick Stickz team. We want good skiers with a positive attitude that match what we think a Sick Stickz athlete should be. If you think you’ve got what it takes, don’t hesitate to show us!

From you, we would like:

An edit showcasing your skiing skill, your style, and your attitude.
A 500 words or less response to the question: Why you would be a good fit on the Sick Stickz team? This includes what you would do to help improve brand image and brand awareness. Why should you be out there promoting our product and representing Sick Stickz?

A ‘ski resume’ that should include items like: Home mountain, years skiing, competition results(anything, slope, pipe, rail jams, big mountain comps), links to other videos, age, future plans, clubs and teams, and other sponsors.

Please send all submissions to

Feel free to go over to our Facebook page ( and increase your exposure by posting on our wall.

Please submit your sponsorship information by August 1st.

July 1, 2013

Freeskier just put out a great article on Sick Stickz athlete Sammy Carlson. They had people send in their own questions, and then Sammy picked his favorite ten, and answered them. It’s an awesome insight into Sammy’s skiing career. Check it out!

May 31, 2013

Do you need some new ski poles? Or perhaps you are just ready to increase your style on the mountain? This is your chance to get the ski poles you have always wanted at a great price.

For $60 you get:

  • 2 pairs of mystery selected ski poles (you pick the length)
  • A Sick Stickz face mask

Why 2 pairs of poles?

  • Get one pair for your buddy! Or…
  • Keep them both for yourself – one for all-mountain and a shorter pair for skiing in the park.
Sale ends Sunday, June 2, 2013 at midnight MST.
May 29, 2013

Last week, we asked our customers why they loved Sick Stickz. We got some very thoughtful and amazing responses from everyone.

Some of our favorites were:

“The Colorado scheme and I love to support small Colorado-owned business.”

“They make me a better skier than all of you!”

“Small Business, Quality product with Fun color schemes”

And the most thoughtful response,

“Sick Stickz are the most solid poles I have ever used, they feel light yet there so strong they can hold all my body weight, The grip is form fitting and sticky yet small enough to do grabs. The graphics are classy and modern and they make a great sword, I have broken 2 of my friends poles thinking they could battle the might of a Sick Stick. Thats why I keep coming back for more every time.”

Because of the great responses, we’ve decided to do something special for all of you, our loyal fans. But, you’ll have to check in a few days later to see exactly what, but we’re sure you’ll like it…

-Sick Stickz

May 23, 2013

Summertime is right around the corner. For most skiers, this means hiking and mountain biking, and other summer summer fun. For the Sick Stickz team, it means heading to Mt. Hood to ski all summer long. Mt. Hood is usually open all year round, providing skiers who are willing to travel for the summer a never ending winter.

Sick Stickz athlete Will Berman took advantage of the long ski season last year, and made an awesome edit from last summer at Hood. Here you go!

Will Berman, Summer 2012

May 20, 2013

On May 25th, the Sammy Carlson Invitational will be going down at Mt. Bachelor.

The course for the contest consists of a big air jump followed by a massive wallride transfer. This allows skiers to show off their big air talent, as well as show how creative they can get on a feature you don’t normally see in competitions. The format was the same for last year’s event, and it worked. The mix of air tricks and creativity is fun to watch. It’s always nice to see a contest that differs from a traditional big air or slopestyle competition. The athlete list is not typical of a normal contest, the big, heavy hitting slope-style names that usually lead most lists are paired equally with names you normally see in films. The atmosphere is laid back, the best skiers in the world are in attendance, and they are throwing down. We are excited to see the skiing that happens this weekend.

Sick Stickz is stoked to be able to support Sammy Carlson with his skiing, as well as athlete Willie Borm, who will also be at the event.

To get everyone stoked, here is the Re-Cap video from last year!

Sammy Carlson Invitational 2012

April 9, 2013

This was our first season working with Anatole Camelin, and we must say – we are very happy to have such a talented rider promoting our brand in Europe.

Check out this recent edit from Sick Stickz athlete Anatole Camelin.

March 10, 2013

Please help Sick Stickz athlete, Vincent Prevost, win the Coors Light Challenge video competition. He is an up and coming French-Canadian skier. Click the link and help Vincent get some youtube views so he can win this video competition!

February 11, 2013

Check out Jeff riding with some #FaceMelters.

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